The 6 Best Comfy Games To Help You Relax

The 6 Best Comfy Games To Help You Relax

The world is becoming an increasingly stressful place year after year. So it is no surprise that more people are turning to gaming as a way to escape the turmoil of life. And it is a fantastic way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Over the years we have seen the rise of what we would call ‘Comfy Games.’ This is a subset of games that are designed to provide a minimum level of stress while focusing on comfort, accessibility, and aesthetics.

We have put together a list of what we think are the six best comfy games that are guaranteed to help you relax. So grab a blanket and a warm cup of coco and settle in for some comfy gaming.

Animal Crossing

The ultimate comfort game, Animal Crossing is the poster game for what a casual, comfortable game should be. Created by Nintendo back in 2001, the game series puts the player in a town inhabited by various animal citizens. The player receives their own home which they can upgrade, decorate, and make their own.

The gameplay loop in Animal crossing is simple. The days work in real time, meaning you can’t speed through the game. You can fish, catch bugs, pick fruits, and bond with your fellow citizens. The soundtrack is soothing. The game design is cute and colorful. And the citizens are friendly and each unique in their design and mannerisms. Each new installment of the game has added so much more for the players to do. If you are looking to escape into a magical world of pure comfort, Animal Crossing is the game for you.


Minecraft is one of the best games to help you relax as it offers something for everyone. Do you want to explore dangerous caves, battling monsters? Do you want to explore beautiful biomes and uncover treasure? Or would you rather build the mansion of your dreams? Minecraft allows you to do it all.

Both creative and survival modes offer ample opportunities for relaxing gaming moments. Minecraft also has a wealth of custom game modes to be enjoyed in multiplayer format. Modes like Bedwars and the popular Lifesteal mode are perfect for you and your friends to enjoy after a busy day of work. Or you could simply build a huge castle together and live out your medieval fantasies.

Stardew Valley

Have you ever dreamed of being a humble farmer? Slowly rebuilding a struggling village and maybe finding romance along the way? If yes then Stardew Valley is the game for you. You will spend your days tending to your crops. Or heading down to the beach to go fishing. Finding the perfect romantic gift to woo your potential partner.

The game also features a compelling story. Watching the town grow and evolve as you rebuild the community. Or, if you are so inclined, you can side with the greedy mega cooperation and turn the town into a more soulless, yet profitable place.


Spiritfarer is a unique game in that it is very cozy while also tackling some huge subjects matters. Primarily the game is about death. In Spirifarer you are the master of a ferry that helps wayward spirits of the dead find their way to the afterlife. The game is more about the connections you form with the spirits than anything else.

The game features a wealth of activities for the players to do outside of interacting with the spirits. Fishing, mining, exploring. And, best of all, customizing the layout and design of your boat. We do recommend having some tissues to hand when playing as the game is notorious for being quite heart wrenching at times.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney has always been the undisputed king of making comfort movies. And they recently tried their hand at making a game that evokes all the magic and comfort you feel from seeing your favorite Disney characters. On the surface, Dreamlight Valley is very similar to Animal Crossing. You move into a town populated by different Disney characters. You form bonds with them. Decorate your home and village. And make the world your own.

But the big difference comes in the story. Animal Crossing doesn’t have much of a narrative to discuss. But Dreamlight Valley has a rather compelling story considering the type of game it is. And it has all the hallmarks of a classic Disney story.

The Sims

No list of comfy games would be complete without The Sims. No matter which version of the game you prefer, The Sims allows you to create one, or more, virtual people and take control of their lives. Decide on their career. Hone their skills. Live a life of excess or go off the rails and dive deep into depravity. We personally recommend going for The Sims 3 as it allows you to expand your designs out into an entire neighborhood rather than just one house.

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