The Top 6 Pieces of Tech Perfect For Cleaning Your Jewellery

The Top 6 Pieces of Tech Perfect For Cleaning Your Jewellery

Making sure that your jewelry is clean is one of the most effective ways to ensure that it stays looking its best and that it stays in good condition for a long time. With new technology within the jewelry cleaning industry, it is now easier than ever to make sure that your jewelry is clean, without having to take it to a professional. More and more people are investing in home jewelry cleaning kits so that you can maintain your jewelry from the comfort of your own home. This will also save you money in the long run as the more you use your home jewelry kit the less you will need to pay someone else to clean it for you.

Another way that taking advantage of new jewelry cleaning technology would have to be the fact that your jewelry will last a lot longer, if you keep on top of your personal jewelry maintenance then you will also notice that any replacements or serious repairs are reduced in comparison to avoiding cleaning your precious pieces. There are a number of different jewelry cleaning options available so it is down to you to try a few of the products and see what would work the best on your pieces of jewelry.

Dazzle Stik

The dazzle stick is a product designed for on-the-go cleaning and easy to use maintenance. If you are someone who is new to cleaning your jewelry then this would be a great product for you. The dazzle stik is a gentle solution that cleans your jewelry and removes any imperfections, for gold and silver wearers you can find a dazzle stick for each which will work to bring the best out of your jewelry without causing any damage.

Simple Shine Solution

Jewelry is very personal with each piece having its own story and meaning to the owner, this is why it is so important to use these products to ensure they are always looking good. For pieces that are especially sentimental like your wedding rings or engagement rings you are best looking for a product that is gentle on the materials to avoid causing any damage. Another development in the jewelry industry would have to be the increased popularity of moissanite rings, these rings are made using simulated diamonds made from silicon carbide which is much more ethical and more affordable. These rings will require a product that is much gentler than s standard cleaner which is wh4ere the simple shine solution comes in.

Polishing Cloth

A polishing cloth is a great and simple way to look after your jeweler, with special fibres to remove dirt and bring up a nice shine on your pieces. There is actually a lot of tech behind these simple polishing cloths. The development of the special fibres within this product were a pretty revolutionary development as it allows for easy and effective results from a product that is so affordably priced.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

If you are looking for a home jewelry cleaning system that is a little more advanced than the new ultrasonic cleaners could be the perfect option for you. Using ultrasound waves and a chemical cleaning solution of your choosing these devices are easy to use and get effective results with little effort at all. Simply place your jewelry into the chamber and set the timer based upon how much cleaning the piece needs, when it is done your jewelry will be left looking like it was brand new. The great thing about using these devices is that you can alter the cleaning solution and timing to deal with different cleaning issues while making sure the process is not too intense where your jewels could be damaged.

Steam Cleaners

For those of you that are particularly paranoid about damaging your jewelry through the cleaning process then a steam cleaner could be better for you, without the need for chemicals and simply using water to generate steam these cleaners are a lot more gentle than a chemical alternative. This means that you can put your jewelry on for a deep clean without worrying that it is going to damage or affect the final product. Steam cleaners are pretty affordable but if you are not willing to make the investment then placing your pieces in a strainer over boiling water will have a similar effect.

Jewelry Soak

The final product on this list isn’t new by any means, however it can be very effective in softening dirt and getting into the hard to reach parts of your jewellery, making cleaning it much easier for you. Using a jewelry soak to remove large amounts of dirt, tarnishing and other imperfections is a tried and tested method of managing your jewelry and ensuring that it keeps its shine.

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